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The Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists is a non-profit registered society, whose primary focus is to further the conservation and prudent management of Canada's natural resources based on sound ecological principles.

Members are professionally-trained biologists and biology students, from the wide range of environmental biology disciplines. Individuals with other backgrounds are welcome to join as associate members. Subscriptions are available to libraries and businesses.

Membership Information

The national body is governed by an elected executive and regional directors representing eight geographic regions: Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Territories. Chapters of the CSEB are active in a number of these regions.


The Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists has its roots in the activities of a group of biologists, primarily in the Canadian Wildlife Service, who were interested in bringing together fish and wildlife biologists with common interests.This group formed the Canadian Society of Wildlife and Fishery Biologists (CSWFB) in 1958.

In 1974 the CSWFB name was changed to the Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists -- a reflection of the broad range of professional biologists' interests in the conservation of Canada's natural resources.

Today the CSEB members hail from a diversity of environmental biology disciplines, including wildlife, fisheries, forestry, environmental toxicology, limnology, soils, and zoology. Together they present an informed view on the management of Canada's environment.

CSEB Objectives

  • to further the conservation and prudent management of Canada's natural resources so as to minimize adverse environmental effects;

  • to ensure high professional standards in education, research and management related to resources and the environment;

  • to advance education of the public and protect the public interest on matters pertaining to the use of natural resources, and to the protection and management of the environment;

  • to undertake environmental research and education programs of benefit to the community;

  • to assess and evaluate administrative and legislative policies having ecological significance in terms of the conservation of resources and the quality of the environment;

  • to develop and promote policies that seek to achieve a balance among resource management and utilization, protection of the environment and the quality of life;

  • to foster liaisons among environmental biologists working towards a common goal with governmental, industrial and educational frameworks across Canada.

    Download the CSEB Poster "Biologists Who Care"